Sea Swim Cornwall Open Water Swimming holidays

Am I going to drown in 5 foot surf?

The simple answer is NO. Our swims are dictated by the swell and wind direction. For both your safety and enjoyment. If you take a look at the ‘Gallery’ section of the website there are a number of examples of the type of conditions you can expect on one of our holidays. We generally swim in flat, fairly clear water. 


What does the package include?

  • 3 days of bespoke guided swimming
  • Individual swim coaching and advice
  • Water safety from qualified & experienced lifeguards
  • Support craft
  • Two swim guides or 3 for larger groups
  • Transfers to- and from your chosen accommodation to guided swim locations
  • Extras including body surfing tuition, race tactics, race starts, drafting etc
  • Extra distance – We’d be happy to extend any of the swims for anyone in serious training…Or include some SwinRun training. We’re very flexible. 
  • Breakfast for anyone booking an accommodation package


What’s not included?

  • Travel to and from Cornwall
  • Personal holiday insurance
  • Swimming equipment (wetsuits, costumes etc)
  • Lunch and Dinner


Is this holiday for you?

As much as we’d love to grant everyone a space on our swimming holidays, we do apply a few practical prerequisites for participation.

Weather conditions will play a large part in dictating the day’s swim and we’ll always endeavor to pick the safest swimming routes. However, we must still insist upon a high level of competency and that the following conditions are met:

  • Prior open water swimming experience (if only limited)
  • The ability to swim at least 1500m Front Crawl comfortably
  • That you have no medical conditions that would prevent you from swimming the distances (that could total 10km in 3 days) – and that we are notified of any pre-existing medical conditions, injuries, unwellness and so on
  • A good general level of fitness and walking ability to access the swimming locations (for example, across coastal paths or rocky, uneven surfaces)

Serious stuff aside, and our holidays are designed to showcase the very best swimming locations and holiday destinations that Cornwall has to offer. You’ll be swimming in a group of other active, like-minded wild swimming enthusiasts for a fun, skill-enhancing and motivational social and physical adventure like no other!


What do I need to bring?

 A wetsuit is an essential piece of equipment, preferably one that you have previously swum in and are confident and comfortable when wearing. Otherwise, good fitting goggles with decent visibility, a silicone swimming cap, towels and post-session warm clothing will be required. In addition, a pair of trainers that you don’t mind getting wet, along with any medication you need, sunblock and a bag for your kit should just about cover it. * You can swim without a wetsuit but some of the swims require a 5-10 mins walk to access and on a cold, windy day (not that Cornwall ever has any!) you’ll get cold before you’re even in the water. 


Where will we swim?

This all depends on the conditions on day and is where our key local knowledge comes into play. Both in advance and on the day, we will consider and analyse the wind, swell, weather and tidal forecasts and conditions to devise an appropriate itinerary and plan a swim that is as sheltered and safe as possible (and of course features beyond-scenic surrounds and a pub or café nearby). Each day we plan to take you to a remote location for a wild swim, followed by a longer swim in a sheltered area, closer to civilisation.

We will pick you up from your accommodation, chaperone the entire swim and drop you back at the end of the session. Times will vary according to the individual circumstances of each swim/day.


What distances will we be swimming?

Most of our swims will be between 1 and 3 km. Again, this depends on the general consensus of the group and conditions of the day. We can plan a route with a 1km endpoint, giving you the option to either stop or continue for a longer distance.

We will explain exactly what is involved before we set off, where you can exit the water if you want, and where you can continue for a lengthier swim.


How do I get to Cornwall? 

We avoid the summer peak months so the roads are never too bad when it comes to driving.

The bus and train goes to a number of major Cornish towns. The Megabus offer incredible value and stops in Newquay and Penzance. It also offers an overnight service.

Websites like ‘BlaBla Car’ potentially offer quick and easy transport across country.

Newquay Airport : flights available all over the UK and some major European cities. (Please see 2017 flight map below). We’ll then provide transport to and from the airport.