Sea Swim Cornwall Open Water Swimming holidays

What makes Sea Swim Cornwall different from other swimming holidays? 


Tom & Jo own and run Sea Swim Cornwall. They both live in Cornwall and know the county incredibly well…not just the swims, but the best coffee shops, walks, attractions, restaurants and pubs.

They have both worked as beach lifeguards in Cornwall. As well as winning Cornish and National Surf Life Saving titles. Tom having also worked on Manly Beach in Australia, for a number of years.

Sea Swim Cornwall offer incredible value on their long weekend holiday packages. You have the option of buying a tour with accommodation (there are a number of options available), but also purchasing just the tour. This gives you the option of finding your own accommodation and ultimately making the trip very affordable…or spending a little extra and having a luxury weekend away.

The tours are structured so that you not only take in some lengthier swims but also get off the beaten track and experience some remote wild dips. As well as the swims we delivery a social holiday that shows off Cornwall and gives you the opportunity to sample the local pubs, coffee shops and restaurants. No one tour is ever the same and the swims are dictated by the conditions, ensuring that you have a great swim in safe conditions.

Tom and Jo compete in a number of events throughout the year and are very experienced open water swimmers. They also both coach a swimming squad on a weekly basis.



Co-owner and water safety/swim coach



Jo works as a physiotherapist, swim coach and likes to compete in open water swimming events, triathlon and surflifesaving. He says it all just keeps him fit for surfing! Jo is also a qualified beach lifeguard and runs a Surf Lifesaving Club on the North Cornish Coast. He has coached hundreds of children and adults in surf safety, open water swimming, body surfing and surfing. He is a family man with four daughters who spend so much time in the sea they are affectionately known as his otters.


Life before Sea-Swim Cornwall.

I spent my entire youth with my feet in Cornish sand, surfboard wax and creek mud! My parents were keen surfers and sailors and I leant to swim in the sea.  Fistral Beach had a surf Lifesaving club and every session started with a solid sea swim, usually in surf. I was hooked! I went on to work as a lifeguard, won Cornish surf swim title, travelled the World surfing and became a very proficient beach bum. In my attempt to get a serious job an eventful journey led to the discovery of physiotherapy as a carer. I studied for my physio degree in Sheffield and managed to move back to Cornwall and planted my feet back into the sand, wax and mud, this time with four other pairs of tiny feet! Now I very much enjoy working as a physio and swim coach and being able to share some classic sea swims as well as some secret spots.


Most memorable swim

I have many special memories of North coast swims because getting flat calm conditions are infrequent and therefore seem more precious. On one such day, shortly after returning to Cornwall, I was showing my four children a favourite secret spot accessed by a walk through a farm and a formidable cliff path. The sea was so blue that day and the sun was baking the rocks and Diggery’s Island was beckoning. The kids couldn’t get into their wetsuits quick enough and we went on out first open water swim out to the island, through the arch and then searched for Cowrie shells.  Magic day!

Top swimming tip.

Learn to body surf, then you can swim anywhere.


Tom Foreman

Swim coach and co-owner of Sea Swim Cornwall



“I worked as a beach lifeguard in both Cornwall and Sydney for a number of years during my late teens and early 20s before formally studying photography and moving back to Cornwall. I now coach swimming with Jo and keenly compete in a series of both water polo and open water swimming events while running my own photography business.”

Life Before Sea Swim Cornwall

“As an 8 year old I took to swimming a little late but soon caught up, eventually representing Cornwall throughout the country for around 7 years. Then at the age of 15 I tried my hand at Surf Life Saving and managed to win back-to-back Cornish and national run-swim-run titles.

In my late teens I discovered water polo, which – along with open water swimming – continues to satisfy my inner competitive streak!”


Most Memorable Swim 

“Having injured my back I was unable to swim or train for over five weeks, but after a fair amount of goading from fellow ‘Sea Swim Cornwall’ coach Jo Brown, (mainly because this turn of events represented the best chance he’s ever had of beating me) I begrudgingly honoured my commitment to compete in a 4km sea swim.

I managed to lead the first 1km of the race and stay in 3rd place around the island at the halfway point. Despite losing my bearings 2km off the Cornish coast, I maintained my position for another kilometre until my lack of fitness got the better of me and I practically crawled to a 6th place finish. This was by no means the best swim I’ve ever competed in or anywhere near the most enjoyable, but it did help me to realise that I can still push my limits and relish a good physical challenge.

And I still managed to beat Jo!”